Journey at Cookpad is closed

As described in my Japanese article, after closing my memorable journey at Cookpad Inc., I joined Launchable, Inc. I had many interesting technical challenges and could enthusiastically tackle them every day. Because I spent almost six years at the multi-national company, I have many friends around the globe, which is the most valuable for me more than anything. I especially would like to thank my former SRE team members, Adrian Lai, Ed Robinson, Henrietta Eyre, Ken Wagatsuma, Manuel Tiago Pereira, Matthew Lay, and Satoshi Matsumoto. I had learned a lot from them, enjoyed chatting, and shared various experiences all the time. Fortunately, the world is small enough to fly through (but, damn COVID-19!), I believe I can see you again in person.

Why do you take sabbatical?

Before I take next actions, I wanted to have some rest. I’m sure that an appropriate amount of work-blanks energize me. In addition, I can handle private chores I couldn’t tidy up due to my lack of slackness. Luckily, people around me understood my thought and accepted the sabbatical. I finished chore, enjoyed spending time with my family, and had time to look back my life and what I’d like to accomplish next during the sabbatical. Now, I can fully commit to the next company from the first day I join.

Where do you go next?

This week, I finally joined Launchable, Inc. to ship my expert knowledge as product features. I’m so thrilled about the company owning talented members and products that I want to commit. I will leave more granular ideas on why I participated in the company when I’m fully catching up with the team.

Thanks again to all members who worked with me at Cookpad!