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Site Reliability Engineer (Mar 2016 – Current)

Develop & Operate Global platform for cookpad.com using AWS

Cyber security & Cloud Engineer (Sep 2013 – Feb 2016)

Security technology and appliances test ecosystem developer

  • Development of OpenStack based IaaS for flexible development and verification environment for security technologies and appliances
  • Development of automatic attacking system
  • Development of malware libraries

Cyber Security Training program developer

  • Investigation with other company members.
  • Development of training courses and hands-on scenarios for important security concepts(Web application, encryption, network).
  • Teaching important security concepts based on developed materials and hands-on training.

national project Engineer

  • Joined and on an Attack Detection System for Advanced Persistent Threat
  • Developed a normal activity log generator whose logs compared with malicious activities.

VMWare based IaaS developer

  • Developed and operated IaaS based on VMWare technologies(vCenter & vCloud Director) as a companies’ development environment.

Network and security operator

  • Operation and management of network appliances and servers of the development network(These network app and servers are placed several datacenters).
  • Operation and management of security sensors to monitor and help ensure the security of internal networks.


  • BCG internship program
    Joined the Boston Consulting Group internship program and experienced the life of a consultant through tackling the valiable challenges.

  • Research assistant
    Joined as a research assistant of JST ERATO Minato Discrete Structure Manipulation System Project and developed loss minimization method of large scale distriubution system with ZDD.

  • iOS application developer
    Developed several iOS applications in NSOFT inc.


Waseda University, Tokyo, Japan(Apr 2011 – Mar 2013)

Waseda University, Tokyo, Japan(Apr 2011 – Mar 2013)

  • Management of Technology Leader course in Graduate School of Business Design and Management
  • Established a Research community(PMSTC) with MOT course members and managed some projects.
    • Co-founder of PMSTC research community
    • PMSTC expresses “Practitioners’ Community for Management of Science and Technology Commercialisation Waseda”
    • Held several parties(kick-off, ,networking, reporting, research) and gathered around hundred students, MBA holders, professors and each domain proffesional.
    • Applied MOT method for startup technologies and university research and gave valuable knowledge and advises.

Robson College, Vancouver, Canada(Aug 2008 – Oct 2008)

  • Studied English with overseas study program in Canada

Waseda University, Tokyo, Japan(Apr 2007 – Mar 2011)



Certification & Skills


  • Native Japanese speaker
  • TOEIC Score 925(2012)
  • Business level English speaker
    • Work with non-Japanese speakers
    • Lead MTGs in English
    • Present researches in English
  • Stayed following countries:
    • America(West & East), Argentina, Austria, Bolivia, Brazil, Canada, Chile, Czech Republic, HongKong, Hungary, Israel, Macau, Malaysia, Peru, Saipan, Slovakia
  • Studied 4 years
  • Understanding grammar but need to recall vocaburaries
  • Traveled several countries whose mother language is German
  • Studied 2 years
  • Traveled several countries whose mother language is Spanish

IT certification

  • AWS Solution Architect Associate (2016)
  • .com Master Double Star(2013)
  • CCNA(2013)
  • Linux Professional Institute Certification Level1-3(2013)

Social Contribution

  • Contribute startups as a volunteer engineer(2014 – current)
  • A team leader of volunteer club(WAVOC) for support Fukushima, Japan(2012,2013)

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